One thing that you will see in every home’s Halloween décor is a pumpkin. Pumpkins are a popular vegetable to have during the fall season, and because people often carve Jack-O-Lanterns with them, you are definitely going to see them in Halloween décor.

When you have a soft and feminine shabby chic style, the last thing you want to do is set out bright orange pumpkins. Instead, consider creating some shabby chic pumpkins with the following ideas.

White-Wash the Pumpkin

This is one of the more popular ways to have pumpkins in your Halloween décor, but still go with your shabby chic home décor style. White washing a pumpkin can be done on plastic or real pumpkins, though it will last longer if you go with a fake pumpkin from your local craft store.

You can simply paint the outside of the pumpkin by using white acrylic paint or chalk paint. You want to use light strokes on the pumpkin, as it isn’t going to be solid white, but have a distressed and old look to contain he shabby chic style. Keep adding light coats of paint until you are happy with the results.

Create a Victorian-Style Pumpkin

A décor style that is very similar to shabby chic is going with an old-fashioned Victorian style .You can use this as your inspiration to turn an ordinary orange pumpkin into one that fits in much better with your white décor.

You first want to cover the pumpkin in a fabric or material that makes it look softer and less orange. Try using white or pink sheer fabric or lace over it, or even adding some lace doilies and gluing them to the outside. You can then add some lace trim or white pearls to the outside.

You can get creative with the pumpkin, using any materials or decorative elements you want for the pumpkin.

Go with Black & White as the Theme

Following the same type of method, but with a slightly darker and spookier element, start with a black pumpkin. If you can’t find one in black, get a regular orange pumpkin, then paint it a solid black color.

Once the paint is dry, you then want to cover it with white sheer fabric or white lace, but thin enough to wear you can see that it is a black pumpkin underneath.

Now you can get creative and add any white or black decorations to the outside of the pumpkin, whether you go with spiderwebs or cob webs, or you add some black plastic spiders and cockroaches. You can even attach a little black bird to the top for maximum creep factor.

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