Halloween Decorating Ideas

If your home is decorated in the shabby chic style, you may be looking for ways to implement that same décor style for holidays, such as Halloween. Halloween is typically filled with a lot of orange pumpkins, black spiders, and white ghosts, but that doesn’t always fit in well with your feminine, vintage-inspired look. Continue reading

The porch is often the place where many people start their Halloween decorating. However, if you are going with a shabby chic style since this is how your home is currently decorated, you might want to rethink the traditional décor. Here are some different ways to decorate your Halloween porch in a way that is inspired by shabby chic: Continue reading

To continue with your shabby chic décor style for Halloween, consider adding a centerpiece to your dining room table. This is great simply for an added decoration, or when you plan to have family or friends over for a fun and festive meal. Here are some different ways to create a shabby chic Halloween centerpiece: Continue reading

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