The porch is often the place where many people start their Halloween decorating. However, if you are going with a shabby chic style since this is how your home is currently decorated, you might want to rethink the traditional décor. Here are some different ways to decorate your Halloween porch in a way that is inspired by shabby chic:

Stack Pumpkins on a Planter

Naturally, you are going to include some pumpkins in your shabby chic Halloween décor. As with many other shabby chic Halloween décor items, try to use distressed or white-washed painted pumpkins instead of your regular orange Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins.

Take a white or old wood planter for the base of the decoration, then add three pumpkins of varying sizes on top. Use the largest pumpkin on bottom, followed by the medium, then the smallest pumpkin. You can stop here or add some fake spiders and cockroaches, spiderwebs, or cob webs to the pumpkins.

Create a Victorian Form

Ghosts are often used in Halloween décor as well, and you can definitely set out ghost decorations on your porch to naturally have an old-fashioned shabby chic décor style. However, you might also want to get a little more creative than that.

Old Victorian clothing often represents many of the same stylistic options that shabby chic does. You can use a regular dress form and cover it in a vintage dress you find at a local thrift store. Make it look tattered, dirty, and worn, then put it on the dress form.

The dress form doesn’t have legs or a head, so it already looks super spooky. Just set it out on your porch for an easy and spooky Halloween decoration.

Have a Distressed Coffin Put On Your Porch

Another Halloween decoration you can add to your porch is a coffin. It can be opened jut a little bit, so that kids don’t know if a dead body is inside or not! Take any coffin decoration you find from craft stores or Halloween stores and make it have a distressed look.

You can either do this by turning it into a white-washed look, similar to your other shabby chic furniture, or paint it in a wood look, then distress and fade the wood with various tools. This requires a little more work, but it creates Halloween décor that also fits in with the shabby chic style.

Keep in mind you can set out any of your traditional shabby chic decorative items, add some plastic bugs and cobwebs, and have yourself Halloween-themed décor.

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