Witch & Black Cat

If you really love to get into the festive mood at Halloween it is very important that your home looks the part. You can achieve this by using different elements to create the look and feel of a spooky mansion that you would normally see featured in Halloween movies.

You can choose to spend lots of money on decorations or you can actually create your own if you are the artistic type. Everyone knows exactly what to expect during this time of the year and you do not want to disappoint. Just in case you need a helping hand, here are a few tips on the types of decorations you should get to create that spooky atmosphere for your home.

Buy a Skeleton or Skeleton Bones

If you want to recreate a terrifying atmosphere in and around your home, then a skeleton is sure to induce fear into anyone who comes a visiting. You can choose to use a full size model and have it standing at the front door to greet your guests or you can actually buy packets of loose bones made out of plastic, which you can then place in different locations. Some bones can look really authentic which will add an extra special dimension to your spooky party.

Add Cobwebs Everywhere

A ghostly house needs to look like it has been abandoned and you can achieve this by placing cobwebs around the room. You can either use a white netting that you can drape over your furniture or you can buy cans of cobweb spray.

This product works really well because it looks like the real thing and will last as long as the party lasts. It is also very easy to remove so you do not have to worry about creating too much of a mess regardless of how much you use so just go to town and cover every surface.

Don’t Forget the Witch and Her Black Cat

The image of the witch and her black cat is a central figure of Halloween and you should definitely make sure to incorporate this in your Halloween decorations. You can buy large puppets that you can hang from the ceiling so that it looks like a witch has decided to pay a flying visit to your home.

Alternatively you can get decals that you can stick to your windows and doors. There are some excellent images that you can find either in your local mall or by looking online.

If you can’t get a witch puppet or figure for your party, then you could at least think about buying or even making your own witch like broomstick. Rest it against the wall and ask your guests to look out for the witch who forgot their broomstick.

Creating a Halloween atmosphere for your home can be a fun activity for the whole family to share. You can choose to go crazy and buy lots of accessories or you can make a lot of your own decorations. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have a fantastic Halloween.

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