A successful Halloween party for children has to have a great selection of food and drink and there are certainly plenty of drinks that you can concoct that will totally encompass the whole Halloween theme idea.

Children will definitely have fun trying to figure out what they are drinking when you tell them the ghoulish names that each concoction has. Here are a few grizzly drinks that you could create and offer your guests when they come to enjoy the Halloween festivities with you.

Drinks that Look Like Ghoulish Green Slime

A fun drink that kids will love is one that looks really disgusting. A typically foul looking drink is called swamp juice. You can create this by using lime cordial mixed with grapefruit juice. To make this drink look like it was scraped directly from a swamp pit, all you need to do is to add a few bugs and worms.

No, we don’t mean the real thing. You can buy a great selection of candy that resembles all types of insects and bugs. See the children’s faces light up as you add a few gummy worms and spiders to each glass.

Drinks Made from Pumpkins

It is most likely that you have purchased quite a few pumpkins which have been hollowed out and transformed into fantastic looking lanterns with scary faces and candles inside them. As well as making pumpkin pies, you can also use the pumpkin pulp to create a creamy drink.

You can make a pumpkin smoothie by mixing together some milk, pumpkin pulp, banana, some ice cubes and add a little sugar to taste. Pour into a glass and finish it off with a dollop of cream and a sprinkle of chocolate powder.

Drinks that Look like Blood

There are several drinks that you can buy or make that resemble the appearance of blood. Here are a couple of delights that you could magic together for your thirsty guests.

The Devils Blood

All you need to make up a batch of Devils blood is some cranberry juice, some soda water and ice. Mix everything together and add a straw. To make it look a little scarier, you need to have things floating on the surface of the drink. You can achieve this by adding marshmallow balls.

Vampire Juice for Team Edward Fans

If your children are fans of the Twilight Saga books and movies, then they will know that Edward Cullen is a vampire. Although he doesn’t partake in the drinking of human blood, he does feed on fresh animal blood.

You can deliver a special brew of Edward Cullen Vampire Juice by making a smoothie using tomato juice, red grapefruit juice bananas and ice. You want to blend it all together so that it has the consistency of congealed blood. It may look disgusting but it will taste delightful.

With the right sort of food and drink, your Halloween party is sure to be a great success. These are just a few ideas of what you can offer your guests. With a little imagination you will be able to think of even more Halloween drinks that would be suitable for children.

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