Lights, in one form or another, have always been a part of the Halloween tradition. Back in the day, the lights were mostly candles and bonfires. (Everyone remembers the glow of a candle in a carved pumpkin. The smell of wood smoke and the flicker of firelight might remind some of a long ago Halloween weenie roast.)

Today, the choice in Halloween lights is better than ever. So go ahead and light some candles, but don’t forget to check out the other available forms of Halloween lighting.

One of the more popular, contemporary choices for Halloween decorating are stranded lights. These lights come in various lengths and appropriate seasonal colors. (Orange and purple are popular.) They can be used indoors or outdoors and are a great “backbone” for any Halloween decorating scheme.

Another lighting choice also that also utilizes strands of lights are lanterns. In this case, each light is enclosed in a plastic sconce which is illuminated when the lights are plugged in.

The sconces come in a wide variety of shapes, from pumpkins to skulls to candy corn and more. The effect of these lanterns are really quite unique. They really set the mood for any Halloween party or gathering.

A third choice of Halloween lights are what is known as “special effect” lighting. One example of this type of lighting is the strobe light. Strobe lights are used indoors or outdoors, often in conjunction with some kind of haunted house decorating theme.

Because they are special effect lights, a strobe should be used sparingly and with caution. The rapidly blinking effects it produces can be very disorienting to visitors and guests.

Many Halloween lights are available in an energy saving LED format. This is good news for all involved since having fun on Halloween doesn’t mean we get to ignore our environmental responsibilities.

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