If you are planning on using pumpkins in your shabby chic Halloween décor, you will probably want to white-wash quite a few of them.

This allows you to have white pumpkins instead of orange ones, but also give them a distressed look. They will match your shabby chic décor much better.

Here are some simple instructions to follow so you can white-wash your own plastic pumpkins:


Cover the Pumpkins in Black Paint First

To start with, it is recommended that you paint the pumpkin black. If you leave it orange, you are going to have to use a lot of coats of white to cover the orange color, which then takes away from the stressed look you are going for.

If you don’t mind solid white, that might be okay, but for a white-washed pumpkin that works with shabby chic décor styles, starting with a black pumpkin is best. Cover the pumpkin in black paint, then let it dry. Acrylic paint works fine on most plastic pumpkins you get at craft stores.

Add Your White Paint Slowly

You have two options for white paint; you can either use white acrylic paint or go with a white chalk paint. This is similar to chalkboard paint, even though you aren’t actually using it as a chalkboard. The reason some people like to use a chalk paint is because it naturally gives that old and worn look without even trying.

Either way, you want to add the paint with a sponge brush or paintbrush, making sure the coats are a little uneven and don’t completely cover the black pumpkin in white. This is when perfection is not something you are going for. You want it to look old and distressed, so don’t worry about having perfect painting strokes.

Choose to Make Them Shiny with Mod Podge

If you want the finished pumpkin to still look similar to areal pumpkin, you can try making it shiny by adding some Mod Podge. Wait for your paint to dry, then cover the entire pumpkin in a layer of Mod Podge.

This will dry completely clear, and leave behind a smooth and shiny sheen on the pumpkin. It still has the shabby chic look, but has more of a natural pumpkin appearance as well.

Add a Wood Stem

The plastic pumpkins usually come with a plastic stem that you can be painted, but another way to make it a shabby chic pumpkin is to remove this stem and replace it with one made of wood.

You can either look for a wood stem at the craft store, or get a piece of driftwood and cut it similar to the size and shape of a pumpkin stem. Just pull out the plastic stem, then push the driftwood into the top of the pumpkin after it has been painted.

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