If you want to add something extra to your families Halloween this year, why not cook up some spooky Halloween treats? Making treats for Halloween is a lot simpler than you might think and it can turn the night into a soaring success.

Treats for Halloween come in a range of different sizes and shapes. You can easily whip up a batch of cupcakes and decorate with spiders or turn a dip into a slimy looking punch.

If you have a creative streak then you can really excel at Halloween baking. You could take on a huge project like baking a Haunted Halloween House or even a Fairy Tale Castle cake. Why not take the concept of the gingerbread house and turn it into something totally different?

Cupcakes are easy to make and decorate. You can turn cupcakes into ghosts, witches and spiders or scary looking rats. By looking in your kitchen cupboards you can turn everyday items into spooky Halloween creations.

If you want to make faces then use items such as licorice for the hair, use popcorn to create a nose and ice cream cones can be cut and used for spooky hat ideas. All kids just love cookies and they are another item which is easy to bake.

Use plain cookie dough and mold into bones, fingers, cats and other Halloween objects and characters. Mixing up a batch of meringue is easy and it can then be piped into bone shapes and baked.

Use bulk candies for decorating treats too. Candies such as gummy worms come in different colors and can be added to puddings to create a lumpy and ghoulish texture.

You can make a chocolate cake and cover it with brown icing and broken up chocolate cookies. Add the gummy worms to make them look as though they are actually coming out of the cake.

Bake up cookies, cupcakes and brownies and then decorate in the Halloween colors of orange and black. Or you can pick up a Halloween stencil set and decorate these items with bats, cats, witches and ghosts.

If you are having a Halloween get together and want to serve up a refreshment then make a batch of Halloween punch. Use an orange colored drink mix and serve in a large bowl.

Place orange slices, melon balls and blueberries in the juice to make it look ghoulish. If you are having an adult party then you might want to add vodka into the punch bowl.

How about mixing up a batch of green soup for dinner on Halloween night? This would really set the tone for the night and get everyone in the Halloween mood.

Another great item that you can pick up from the grocery store is pumpkin pie filling. It has a wonderful orange color and pumpkin is very healthy for you too. Turn the filling into pies and tarts with store bought pie shells if you wish.

By putting on your creative thinking cap you can easily whip up some fun and colorful Halloween treats. If you have never baked on Halloween then maybe this year you could start what might become a new family tradition.

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